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Amenities and Hotel Offers to Make Your Business Trip More Enjoyable

More and more hotels are catering to a specific demographic: Business travellers.

With a dynamic, ever-growing economy, significant technological developments and advances, and international travel on the rise, the demand for corporate accommodation has skyrocketed. As the corporate travel market has become more and more lucrative over the years, it’s no wonder hotels and hotel-style short term residences are offering amenities and other features these travellers are searching for. At the end of the day, it’s about their guests’ experience and facilitating their business goals.

Whether you’re on the red-eye to the City of Toronto for a quick business meeting or you’re visiting for the long weekend for an extended conference, there are several key features to look for in a hotel.

Our guide will outline the key features any business traveller should keep in the back of their mind when booking their next stay in Toronto.

busy business man gets into a luxury car to travel in Toronto

1. Location, Location, Location

As every business traveller knows, real estate is the name of the game when it comes to corporate travel. Proximity to your meeting destination, event space, trendy restaurants, and other attractions that might be on your Toronto to-do list will make or break your trip experience. The last thing you want to do is take a shuttle, bus, or sit through a 45-minute Uber in bumper-to-bumper traffic across town to make your conference or meeting – nobody has time for that.

When you begin your hunt for hotels, it’s all about effectively researching the best hotels for business travel. Try to search for ones that are in close proximity to your business meeting, conference, seminar – whatever the purpose of your trip may be. Staying near your main destination in Toronto will save you time, money, and the unnecessary stress brought on from travel.

That’s not to say location is the sole determining factor to look out for – determine what distance you’re comfortable with and always, always look out for ratings, reputation, and other features that make your stay worthwhile.

And if you have the luxury of picking the meeting location – find a hotel that offers access to stunning meeting rooms that are sure to impress any audience.

Man in business attire reads the business journal

2. An Extended Home Office

It’s not enough to just have a landline and clock in your suite anymore. Hotels that value the veteran business traveller can anticipate their needs and truly deliver. The best hotels for business meetings should make you feel like you’re working from home and not leave you feeling stranded without the tools you need.

Office supplies like printers and fax machines, current presentation technologies and capabilities, chic business centres, and sophisticated meeting spaces both in and outside your suite are all essential to ensuring your corporate trip operates smoothly.

blonde woman wearing sunglasses sits on the terrace of the hotel working on her computer

3. Excuse Me, What’s the Wi-Fi Password?

This goes without saying, but we’re saying it. You need Wi-Fi, there’s no way around it. And we’re not talking shoddy, inconsistent services, and especially not said services just in the business centre. You need fast, reliable, free Wi-Fi that works perfectly in all corners of your suite and throughout the hotel. If a hotel doesn’t feature this clearly as one of their offerings, they’re probably not the right choice for you.

4. Productivity and Relaxation Under One Roof

Not all hotels are created equal, and as your home away from home, you want it to motivate you to get your objectives completed just as much as you need it to help you unwind after a long day. This might seem like an oxymoron – but hear us out.

A hotel or residence that offers access to meeting space, printers and scanners, a well-lit desk in your suite with ample (if not, surplus) power outlets and phone charging capabilities, in-room dining, and quick turnaround for dry cleaning is the type of hotel that inspires you to focus and fosters productivity. It ensures you can concentrate on the task at hand and not have to worry about calling the front desk every so often because you’re missing something.

But, when you are ready to unplug and catch a break from the responsibilities of corporate travel, you need a hotel that facilitates your R&R.

The very same hotel should also have plenty of sophisticated room features like heated, marble bathroom flooring, deep-soaker bathtub, remote-controlled drapes, stylish furnishings, and complimentary in-room refreshments. Besides, what’s the fun in taking a business trip if you can’t take in every luxurious detail your suite has to offer?

5. Personalized Experience

It’s likely not your first or last business trip to Toronto. With that in mind, finding accommodations that meet or exceed your needs and offer a personalized experience with every visit is likely going to treat you with specialized attention should you return. Simple things like remembering how you take your coffee, which suite is your favourite, or providing great recommendations to restaurants or nearby activities can make a huge difference, so opt for hotels that give you that little something extra.

If your experience with a hotel is so unique and enjoyable, booking will be that much easier in the future, and your trips are sure to be less polarizing and more welcoming in nature.

woman works out at the luxury hotel gym during her business trip

6. Fitness Opportunities

Just because your routine is thrown off by your business trip doesn’t mean your workout regimen has to be off-kilter, too. Whether you like to throw around the dumbbells or you have a specific training module to complete with a professional trainer, finding a hotel that can help you maintain your health goals and keep you active is essential.

Bonus: At The SoHo Hotel & Residences, you’ll have access to a fully equipped health and fitness centre with lap pool, steam rooms, and trainers.

7. Special Amenities

There are amenities, and then there are amenities. Hotels are aware of the transformation that has occurred over the years when it comes to what people expect their hotel to offer, but there is a whole other category – the extras.

Whether you’re looking for a gym, quick access to the airport, or your own outdoor space in the middle of the entertainment district – always ask yourself: How can my hotel elevate my experience?

As a modernized space, The SoHo Hotel & Residences is one of the best downtown Toronto hotels with amenities and features you simply can’t resist.

Among them are:

  • Fully equipped health and fitness centre
  • Lap pool, steam rooms, and trainers
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Outdoor terraces and private balconies
  • 4,000 sq. ft. of event space with dedicated services manager
  • Fine Italian linens
  • Separate 80 sq. ft. dressing room directly in suite
  • Kohler Sok Infinity Tub with Chromatherapy*
  • Private glass elevators*

*Applicable to select suites.

8. Neighbouring Distractions Attractions

While having an all-inclusive home office away from home is paramount to making a business trip a successful one, there’s something to be said about escaping your suite to venture out into the city and take a well-deserved break.

Despite having features and amenities that make it hard to leave your hotel, it’s incredibly convenient and enticing to be able to step outside and be minutes away from the best local restaurants, hot events, famous attractions, chic art galleries, and high-end shopping boutiques.

From veterans to newcomers, Toronto’s urban neighbourhood has something exciting for everyone.

Not sure where to start or where to begin? Speak to the concierge at the SoHo for insights and advice on amazing experiences throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a day on the town or simply need a good meal with colleagues at the end of a productive day, you’ll find everything you need and more!

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Man eats breakfast in bed of a luxury hotel suite

9. Hotel Restaurant & In-Room Dining

If you’re an in-and-out kind of business traveller and you simply don’t have time to explore your surroundings, a restaurant in the hotel and all-day in-room dining are a must.

That’s not to say you should have to sacrifice quality because you’re in a rush. Your dining experience should be just as memorable in the hotel restaurant or in your own personal suite as it would be dining at one of Toronto’s luxuriously chic eateries around the corner.

The SoHo provides premium-quality in-room dining services for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to accommodate your schedule and taste buds. We are also proud to offer authentic, delectable Italian fare right in our hotel with our very own Moretti Restaurant and Moretti Caffé.

10. Impressive Dry-Cleaning Services

There’s nothing worse than sweating through your shirt all day and having to attend a business dinner later that evening. Or perhaps you forgot to pack your favourite button-down and need to wear the same shirt you wore on the plane. Whatever your scenario might be, with a hotel that offers fast, reliable dry-cleaning services, you can feel clean, refreshed, and ready to network at a moment’s notice.


The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a no-frills kind of corporate traveller or appreciate the finer things in life, you certainly won’t want to miss out on these crucial hotel features on your next business trip to Toronto.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your experience as a traveller. Whether you’re on the road for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two, it’s important to find a hotel that can set high expectations and deliver on both fronts. Do your research to determine which hotel is best suited to meet (or exceed) your needs and whether you’ll get the experience you’re looking for during your time away from home.

Safe travels! – From the SoHo team

Business woman sits in luxury hotel lobby working on laptop


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